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Every time NC comes to power, JK’s special status gets grievous blows

NC killer of Maqbool Bhat, Afzal Guru, Farooq Abdullah created Sallahudin, Omar created Burhan Wani

Party has sharply reacted to Omar’s statement in which he promised to restore post of PM and President for Kashmir, stating that the demand was long buried by Omar’s grandfather himself in the accord of 1975. 

In a statement issued here,  PDP senior leader and MLC Mohammad Khurshid Alam said that national conference is perhaps unaware of its past and how the party deceived the innocent people of the state in a most ruthless and sadistic manner. 

Alam said one must ask NC why in spite of being the Prime Minister did the NC founder accept the post of Chief Minister in 1975 and why on 5 July 1975, plebiscite front for which people rendered immense sacrifice was formally dissolved by him.  

Alam said that deceit and deception was always NC’s trademark and that during the elections of 1977, in order to hoodwink the people of the state particularly those of Kashmir Valley NC sought to raise false issues to obtain support for his party. “The party talked of Kashmir and told audiences that they are a separate nation. What it didn’t tell the people of Jammu and Kashmir is the fact that it itself has rendered article 370 ineffective by accepting it as a temporary and transitional provision of Indian constitution in 1947 and by striking a deal with the union of India in 1975,” said Alam. 

He added that when NC came to power in 1996 with a brute majority and its autonomy resolution was thrown into the dustbin by central Government, why Farooq Abdullah didn’t leave his chair? “In fact, he kept lobbying for the post of Vice President of India and his that demand was rejected, he pleaded for a junior ministerial berth for his son. To do that, he bartered all the resources of the state and sold precious power projects to centre,” said Alam and added that in a bid to appease his masters in New Delhi, Farooq Abdullah launched catch and kill, patronised Ikhwan and bundled innocent people in jails.  In 1984, while being the Chief Minister of the state, Farooq Abdullah signed the death warrant of Maqbool Bhat, paving way for the armed uprising in Kashmir. 

The PDP leader added that after the 2008 polls when NC came to power,  Omar Abdullah’s regime witnessed the gruesome episode of Shopian in 2009.  He added that the government led by Omar then unleashed terror to the extent that a 12 class student namely Burhan Wani left home and became the face of militancy. “Then came the cricket scam, Haji Yousuf’s murder, the killing of 120 teenagers and denial of justice to them,” Alam said and added that it is now a widely acknowledged fact that Omar presided over one of the corrupt, ruthless and inefficient governments in the history of Jammu and Kashmir. 

Alam said that Omar while continuing the legacy of his party promised AFSPA revocation in his tenure and in return signed the death warrant of Afzal Guru on Feb 9, 2013. “Is it possible that the people of Kashmir will ever forget all such wounds and will forgive Omar and his NC for chaos in which he and his family has been plunging Kashmir into since 1938?” asked Alam. 

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