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Govt. playing with fire by unleashing terror on unarmed people

Cautions Govt. over fiddling with 35-A, undemocratic means to crush dissent

Party on Saturday condemned the fresh wave of arrests in Kashmir Valley, questioning the government strategy to  turn the already perturbed situation more chaotic and violent. Party General Secretary, Mr Ghulam Nabi Lone Hanjura said that the uncalled for, unjustified and undemocratic means are being adopted in Kashmir by the government with a sole motive to silence the peoples’ voice.  He added that reign of terror is being unleashed with people as old as 80 years being bundled in jails by the governor administration without any reason. 

He also condemned the nocturnal raids launched last night in Kashmir’s different parts and  terror reminiscent  of Ikhwan period being uncashed upon the people. “It is  nothing but a clear war hysteria being created in Kashmir wherein things were subtly returning to equanimity.  People are being unnecessarily harassed and intimated with fear being manufactured across Kashmir.  We condemn such a state action and demand immediate rollback of such muscular policies,” said Mr Hanjura. 

He also cautioned the central government over fiddling with the state’s special status, saying that protection of Article 35-A is a matter of life and death for the people of the state and they can render immense sacrifices for the protection of their unique identity. 

Mr Hanjura said that instead of confrontational approach, the central government should understand the gravity of the situation and take re-conciliatory measures which is not only beneficent for the people of Kashmir alone but for the entire south Asia.  

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