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Beg condemns rape of the girl child in Bandipora

Srinagar: Senior leader and former Parliamentarian, Dr. Mehboob Beg has condemned the rape of the girl child in Bandipora. Acts such as these shake the very foundations of Kashmiriyat and the perpetrators of such a heinous crime have no place in any society, much-less the society of Kashmir, said Dr.Beg. The perpetrators of such a crime should not go unpunished and the State machinery should leave no stone unturned to ensure that justice is not only done, but not delayed. We cannot afford to have such criminals roaming around freely. Dr. Beg also added that this virus must be destroyed root and stem.

These criminals and their actions leave deep scars on the victim, besides shaming and disgracing the whole society but we must also be aware and seek the right course of action, guided by appropriate reaction. While we must stay vigil and keep an eye on the administration and point-out if they appear lax, we must refrain from protesting and coming-out on the roads. Issues like these should never go un-noticed and the society must rise. However, let us not get busy in chasing the shadows while we lose the substance. Let us stay vigil, let us behave as a mature society, we must keep the law enforcement/administration on its toes but must also be careful that we do not react immaturely and end-up shifting the focus away from the real issue, concluded Dr. Beg.