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Party Declaration

Having painfully experienced that the people of Jammu & Kashmir have been for long, particularly the last ten years, subjected to all sorts of sufferings and suppression;

Having realised that the main cause of this distressing situation is the unresolved Kashmir problem which has jeopardized the security, peace and property of the people of the state and imperilled peace in the subcontinent;

Having noticed that there is no real democratic and effective organization in the State that could mobilize public opinion, at home and in the subcontinent, for the peaceful and just resolution of the Kashmir problem, restoration of peace, normalcy and rule of law and ensure economic development of the State;

Being driven by a vision of the future that holds a promise of peace and prosperity in the state and friendly and co-operative relations between India and Pakistan;

Having concluded that there is a compelling need to provide to the people of the State a viable, democratic and broad-based political organization that would reflect their true will and aspirations and endeavour to realize that aforesaid vision of future;

We, the subscribers to this Declaration constitute and form a political party under the name and style of the “JAMMU & KASHMIR PEOPLES DEMOCRATIC PARTY”.

The main objective of this party and the broad features of its organizational structure shall be as follows:

1. Main Objectives

  1. To mobilize public opinion in the State and the Country in favour of persuading the Government of India to adopt a policy of understanding and reconciliation and initiate a comprehensive and unconditional dialog with the people of Kashmir to the resolution of the Kashmir problem;
  2. To articulate the grievances of the people of the State and seek their redressal through constitutional means;
  3. To wage a struggle for the restoration of normalcy, democracy and Rule of law in the State so that human rights of the people can be duly respected and protected;
  4. To find ways and means to ensure that innocent people languishing in jails are released, the migrants are brought back and rehabilitated and healing touch is administered to the victims of the violent turmoil in the state, and relief is provided to widows, orphans and other victims of violence;
  5. To advocate formulation and implementation of proper policies for the devolution of powers and distribution of resources amongst the three regions of the State, equitable economic growth and advancement of understanding and co-operation amongst the various communities and regions;
  6. To formulate and implement proper policies for the:
    1. Restoration and protection of environment in the State;
    2. Universal education that would serve the needs of employment, economic and industrial growth;
    3. Protection and advancement of the horticulture and agriculture;
    4. Minimum burden of taxes and tariffs;
    5. Development of infra-structure, power, tourism and industries;
    6. Providing an economic package of the State, industrial and tourism sectors, to compensate them for the loss and damage caused due to militancy during the last ten years;
    7. Empowerment of women, weaker sections of society;
    8. Formulation and implementation of adequate policies to remove unemployment and poverty in the State.

2. Main organizational features

(a) Office bearers

  1. President
  2. Vice President (2)
  3. General Secretaries (4)
  4. Treasurer (1)
  5. Publicity and Public Relation Secretaries (2)

(b) Political Affairs Committee (optional)
It must consist of five members.

(c) Executive Committee
It shall consist of 21 members including the aforesaid office bearers.

(d) State Council
It shall consist of presidents of all the block committees constituted in the State;

(e) There shall be office-bearers at the Provincial, Zonal, Block and Village level also.

3. Ad-hoc measures

While the first President of the party shall be elected by the subscribers to this declaration, the other office-bearers and members of Political Affairs Committee and Executive Committee and may be appointed by President on Ad-hoc basis till proper elections are held.

4. Drafting of Detailed Constitution

The President shall constitute a three member committee to draft a detailed constitution in accordance with the broad features of this declaration which shall be ratified by the Executive Committee.

Place: Srinagar
Dated: 28th July 1999